Delirium Tremens  Beer

"Elected as best beer in the world!"

Delirium is pale and hazy with a thick white head. It's hard to describe the unique flavor of Delirium Tremens, but overall I'd say it gives you the signature taste of the classic Belgian ale - strong, complex, and alcoholic - combined with the smoothness and drinkability of a light lager. True to Belgian tradition, Delirium Tremens derives much of its character from a complex blend of yeast. Three different kinds of yeast are added to the brew throughout the fermentation process, giving it a full texture, distinctive spicy flavor, and high alcohol content. But it doesn't have the same overwhelming yeast character as other Belgian ales, which can often produce tangy and/or fruity flavors in the beer. Instead, the rich yeast flavor is balanced by the smoothness of the pale malt, which makes for a light brew that is far more refreshing than it looks. You'll get some good hop flavor but no aggressive bitterness. It has a dry, champagne-like finish. Bottles of Delirium Tremens are "bottle conditioned," meaning active yeast is left in the beer in order to provide carbonation after the bottle has been sealed. Thanks to bottle conditioning, the flavor of the beer will change over time - much like a bottle of wine.


Delirium Tremens is also remarkable for the volume of critical acclaim it has earned in its young life, including winning the title of "World's Best Beer" at the 1998 World Beer Championship. Beer expert Stuart Kallen ranked Delirium Tremens the world's number one overall brew in his 1999 book The 50 Greatest Beers in the World.

This is a beer for connoisseurs.

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